Welcome To The Yukon's Only Year Round Garden Centre!

So how does it work?

Check Out Our Products

During the winter months we are open year round to stock you with house plants, hydroponic supplies, soaps, essential oils, and much more!

In the Garden & Yard section it lists on the plants we carry in the summer months - this season starts at the beginning of may.

Come Talk To Us

If you're having a problem with some of your plants, come talk to us. Either send us an email with a photo of the plant or bring in a cutting and we'll get it figured out! We will be able to provide you with a solution to the problem(s).


We carry a full selection of house plants through out the year. During the summer months from May till August we have a greenhouse stocked with fresh vegetables, flowers, herbs and much more! The yard is filled with shrubs, trees and perennials.