Tomatoes: This garden staple benefits from the company of basil, onions, rosemary, sage, and parsley. Marigolds are often planted among tomatoes to ward off insects and nematodes. Tomatoes and potatoes belong to the same family, but they should not be planted together. Potatoes: Beans, peas, and vegetables from the cabbage

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House plants add greenery to your house as well as benefit you in many different ways! As humans we breath in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. This is the perfect case for house plants! They use the carbon dioxide we release and turn it into oxygen for us

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RUST, BLACK KNow & Leaf curl! What to look for and how to treat them!

In this blog I will explain what to look for when dealing with Rust, Black Knot & leaf Curl. Also, how to treat and prevent

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When it comes to watering plants in the extreme heat it can be tricky! Here’s a few tips on how to make sure your plants are getting enough water in the heat.
  1.  Water your plants deeply. This means give your plants a good

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The photo on the right  shows what powdery mildew looks like on the leaf of a plant. It can look similar like a silvery  residue. There are many different species of the fungal disease; powdery mildew. Like most diseases each species effects

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