Grub’s In My Lawn & Garden! Nematodes to Help!

Does your lawn look like the photo above?
You may have Grub’s!

What Are Grub’s?
Grub’s are the larvae of Scarab Beetles. This includes three types of beetles; European Chafer, Japanese Beetle and the June Beetle.  They are frequently found feasting on the roots of turf and grass. Initially the damage resembles that of a drought stressed lawn, but as time goes on the lawn begins to look similar to vole damage with “veins” in the lawn.  Where as, the lawn begins to lift away from the soil, because the root system no longer exists.

Grub’s regardless of the different species of C-shaped bodies with tan or brown heads and six prominent, spiny legs. ( Picture below) We then first hatch they are 3-4mm, but at full size 1 inch. 

June Beetles are most common in the Yukon. These Beetles feed on the foliage of aspen, chestnut, elm , maple, oak , poplar and willow. They emerge from the soil during the later part of May and early June and fly in larger numbers. In the summer the female June Beetles lay there eggs, they hatch within a few weeks. In the winter the they burrow deep into the soil and remain there until the spring. Thus, starting the cycle again.


To get on top of this cycle of the Grub’s (larvae) themselves treat by spraying Nematodes on your lawn & turf. Nematodes are eel-like animals resembling but not closely related to an earthworm. Most Nematodes are 1/50 of an inch in size, so small they can only be viewed with a microscope!  Nematodes feast on the Grubs underneath the lawn preventing your whole lawn to be affected! They are easy to apply, just add water with the Nematodes and spray your lawn! We sell both the hose-end water attachment sprayer and the Nematodes! This video show you how easy it is to apply Nematodes!





Fertilizer! When do I stop for Tree’s, Shrub’s, & Perennials?

It’s the time of year again when half of the gardening season is over… at this time of year is it very important to start preparing you’re plants for winter time.

Beginning July 1st plants should be on a water only diet! No more fertilizer for tree’s, shrub’s, and perennials. We want to encourage the plants to start settling down by not producing new bloom’s or leaf’s! By giving your plant(s) a water only diet this will allow the plant to focus it’s energy on the growth it already has and not new growth. As we get closer to winter the plant needs time to harden off, tender new growth won’t have the enough time needed to complete this process!