We carry a wide variety of seeds; sprouting seeds,  flower seeds and bulbs!

Some brands include: West Coast Seeds, Renee's Seeds, Mumm's Seeds which are sprouting seeds.

Controlling pests, weeds and fungicides ensures plants are happy and healthy.

Bring in a photo & leaf so we can help identify the disease your plant may be carrying. Some brands include: Safers, Dr. doom, Green Earth, Wilson and much more!


Fertilizer is essentially for the growth and maintenance of plants! We carry fertilizer for everything; house plants, perennials, annuals, vegetables, shrubs, trees,  hydroponic growing, and lawn!

Brands include: Garden Pro, Terralink, General Hydroponics, Actisol, Evergro, Jobes, Gaig Green and much more.

New house plants arriving weekly!

Succulents, Cactus, Flowering Plants, Large Houseplants and more. Make sure to stop in weekly to see the new stock!

Start growing with a strong foundation of soil & compost for nutrients.

We carry a large selection of soils year round. Brands include; Seasoil, Garden Pro, Sunshine mixes, Pro-Mix, Dutch Treat & Gaig Green. Compost mixes include; sheep manure, chicken manure, mushroom, steer manure, worm castings.

Make your life easier by using garden tools!

Anything from gardening gloves, pruners, hose fittings, hydroponics systems, pots, tomato ties and much much more!!

Looking to simplify your watering duties?

We carry a wide variety of irrigation parts for self watering systems and high quality sprinklers, hoses/ hose adaptors.

Plants don't seem to be thriving? Test your growing medium!

Testing your soil or water for nutrient levels is a major factor in growing healthy plants. Once you know the results of what's depleted in your growing medium we can let you know the best additives!

Growing plants in water without soil? 

Seems like a unique way of growing, but can be done! We carry everything you need to set up a new hydroponic growing system. Fertilizers, growing mediums, pumps, lights and anything else you could need!

Bring zen into your life with some good smelling candles!

We carry soy candles, honey candles and a wide variety of incenses to burn! Anything you could need for smudging, incense burners and candle holders.

Treat yourself!

We carry essential oils, lotions, bath bombs, teas, soaps and candles! Some brands include; Barefoot Venus, Kama Soaps & Essentials Oils, Denali Dreams Soaps, Tea Forte, Garden Dream Lotion, and Green Valley Essential Oils.

Looking for the perfect accent pieces? 

We have a large selection of home decor! Anything from side tables, desks, wall art, pictures, small decorations. Make sure to come in often as we constantly are getting new exciting items!