How To…Water Your Plants In The Heat!

When it comes to watering plants in the extreme heat it can be tricky! Here’s a few tips on how to make sure your plants are getting enough water in the heat.
  1.  Water your plants deeply. This means give your plants a good soak the morning before the heat wave, or if your unable to do so, give your plants a good water the night before.
  2. Water your plants in the morning or later a night, this allows less water to evaporate from the soil and for the water that does get onto the leaves to dry off to avoid damage.
  3. Water well established planted once to twice a week. You can gauge if you’ve given the plant enough water by making sure the soil is moist 1 inch down from the surface.
  4. Irrigate slowly. You can achieve this by either  a dripper system or by taking your time with the hose. The slower/ longer the water is on for the deeper into the soil it seeps. Deep watering encourages deeper root systems and protects your plant against drought.
  5. Watch your plants leaves. If your plants leaves are wilting during the day, but in the morning seem fine, your plant has sufficient amount of water. If your plants leaves continue to stay wilted into the morning, your plant may be over watered. You can test this by sticking a finger in the soil to determine how moist the soil is.
  6. Be sure to water your lawn at least every three days. This will prevent your lawn from drying out and becoming yellow.